Desert 100. April 2-5, 2020. Odessa, WA

Why to choose our services for your stay? We have plenty of units to accommodate big groups. We strive to make every customer happy as much as it reasonably possible. Our units well kept and ready to go dry camping any day. Read more below. :)

Travel Trailers

We are pleased to offer variety of travel trailers to fit many budgets and group sizes. Ask us if you need help figure out what floor plan will be best for your needs.


All our units with slides have dual-battery setup to prolong comfortable stay with limited power hookups. 


We test all our batteries right at the beginning of the season and then every 30-days after that. All questionable batteries get replaced right away.

Power Generator

We have made power generators available for the rental as well. No maximum run-time on our units. and special for you... First tank of fuel on us!

LED Light Bulbs

Most of our units equipped with LED Lighting inside and out of the unit to help conserve the battery's capacity.

Solar Panels

Some units have solar panels installed on them to capture silent energy of sun and charge the coach's battery during the daylight.

LPG Cylinder

Big seven gallons LPG (propane) tank can carry most campers thru the whole stay. We go even further and install two of these tanks on our units.

Water Tanks

We sent our units out with full tank of fresh water every time. Feel free to enjoy quick shower even at the dry camp.

Delivery Service

We can deliver the unit to a campground of your choice. This service includes delivery, setup, tear-down, and haul away. All for very reasonable additional fee.


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